Provisioning a Yealink DECT W52P

This guide shows you how to provision the Yealink DECT W52P IP phone for use with Globeboost System

Verify the Firmware Installed on Your Yealink W52P Base Station and Register the Handset(s)

To verify the firmware version currently installed on the Yealink DECT Base Station, please follow the steps below:

1.    Power up the Base Station and go into the Web interface by typing in a web browser the Base’s IP Address (to find the Base’s IP Address tap the button on the top of the base and on the Handset screen you will receive a paging with the IP address).

2.    Log into the web interface using the your Username and Password (defaults are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’)

Register Handsets on the Base Station

If the Handset and the Base Station are not synchronized out of the box then you have to register them manually.

To register the Handset(s) manually on the Base Station:

1.    From the Handset press the ‘OK’ button and go to ‘Settings’

2.    Select ‘Registration’

3.    Press ‘Register Handset’

4.    Log in to the web interface of your Base Station

5.    Select the ‘Handset&VoIP’ menu and

6.    Press ‘Start Registration’ button.

7.    Go back to your Handset and if ‘Base 1’ is already configured go to the ‘Base 2’  or any other base to register and press the ‘OK’ button. When the Handset finds your Base Station and tries to connect it will ask for the PIN number

8.    Enter the PIN number(default is 0000) and your Handset will register to your Base.

Congratulations! You have configured a new Yealink DECT Base Station

Getting your Remote Yealink W52P DECT Base to Register with Globeboost

1.    Start up your Yealink DECT Base and identify its IP address. To find your Yealink DECT Base IP, simply press the button on the base and you will see the IP address of the base on the handset that you registered on the base. In this example we’re going to assume that the IP address of your Yealink DECT Base  is and the External FQDN of the server (or PC)  

2.    Point your browser to the web interface of your Yealink DECT Base, which in this example is

3.    Enter your phone’s login credentials – username and password is admin by default to log in to your Yealink DECT Base Web Interface.


4.    Click on the Phone tab and select the Auto Provision tab from the left menu. Enter into the ‘Server URL’ field

5.  Enter your username (Your phone number)

6.  Enter your password (Sip password)

7.  Press Confirm to save changes.


1.    Go to Security>Trusted Certificates page and Disable the option Only Accept Trusted Certificates.

2.    Press Confirm button and allow the device to reboot.
After reboot the Yealink W52P will automatically download the configuration file from Globeboost Phone System and register your extension.