How Do I Setup my New Yealink IP Phone

- If your phone model is W52P click Here

- If your phone model is T21P, T27P click Here

- If your phone model is T46G, T48G Here


How Do I Update My Service PIN to make Long Distance Calls?

Once you are logged , go to the "Account Information" vertical Menu and click on "Update My PIN" as shown in the green arrow in the image below


Enter a 4 digit PIN number only known to you and click the Update  button 


Why do I have to enter my personal PIN Number in order to make a Long Distance call? 

When you use our service to make Pinless calls, our servers authenticate you to make calls by matching the incoming callerID from your registered phone number with a registered number on our system. If this number matches you will be allowed to make calls assuming you are the rightful owner as you are the only person in the world that is supposed to call from that number. 

However, with current technology any fraudulent person who knows your phone number can use your callerID to make calls as long as they have a computer. This practice is called "Caller ID spoofing" and you can get more information  by clicking here. The only way to secure your calls is to enter your own personal PIN number. This extra layer of security prevents any fraudulent use of your account


How do I use my updated Service PIN Number?

1. Dial your local access number as usual

2. The system will prompt you to enter your password. You should now enter your 4 digit service PIN number

3. The system will now prompt you to dial your destination number.

4. You can now dial the number as usual either as speed dial or directly.

5. Note: Make sure you do not enter a generic pin like 1234 or 1111 etc as these are easily detectable and defeats the purpose


Can I log into the website even-though I was signed up at the store?

1. Certainly! All you need is your username and password

2. Your username is your phone number starting with 1. For example: 14165552135

3. Your temporary password is the globeboost4321

4. Once you submit this information, the system will send you a verification code through SMS to change your password

5. You can now log in with this information 


Why do other companies offering long distance not ask me to enter PIN ?

As long as the company offers pinless service, their customers are vulnerable to these attacks. There are 2 reasons why these companies have not offered the personal PIN protection service:

1. They have obsolete technology that was built when these threats never existed, so right now they are stuck and cannot react the ever growing modern threats. 

2. They dont really care if you lose money as long as they have collected your money for the service  offered, it does not bother them

At Globeboost integrity is our watch word and customer satisfaction is our priority even at the risk of losing customers are resistant to this change 


How Can I install the Mobile App?

Download the Apps by clicking the following logos


Then install and setup the app following the screenshots below:

1. In the Cloud Id field enter your web usernema@globeboost for example 14165552135@globeboost

2. Enter your web password in the password field





How can I Use My Mobile App to make a call?

1. Dial your destination Number from the main screen and hold down the green Dial button as shown below


2. Select you desired Dial Action

a. Call Through: To make pin-less calls with your Prepaid calling account

b. GSM Call: To use the app to make direct calls through your mobile carrier

c. Video Call :  To make fee video calls with your globeboost VOIP account (Note: every Globeboost customer automatically owns a VOIP account). Wifi is required

d. Call: To make and receive free calls VOIP calls to and from any globeboost customer anywhere in the world. No more roaming charges from your carrier. Wifi is required



 Will I earn any bonus points when I refer family and friends to Globeboost ?

Certainly! You will get $5 for every individual that you refer and signs up for our Long Distance Service.

You need to own an account and signed in, and then your can refer as many friends as possible through the form provided in the referral page.


 Will I earn points when I purchase long-distance service?

Yes!!! You will earn 5% of your purchase value each time your account is topped up and redeemable when you have an equivalent of $5 or 500 points.


 I realize that my points reduced from the last balance. What is going on?

Your points expire and resets to 0 after 90 days n(3 Months) if not redeemed. You can redeem your points when you log-in or have your agent help you redeem it. We include your points balance in every sms purchase confirmation you receive.  Note however, that your balance never expires.


My Friends tell me they did not receive any referral email from me  

Make sure that your friend checks their SPAM folder. If the email  is not found, please kindly resend the email again through the referral form page
Can I register any additional home numbers or business extension lines when I sign up for the Pin-less service?  
Yes, you can register as many numbers as you want per account when you sign up for Prepaid Pin-less service..

Can I change my registered telephone number to another number? 

Yes you can. Please send an email to support at to make any changes to your registered number or sign into your account online to make the change

How do I make a call using the Pin-less service?

Simply dial country code + area code + telephone number +# from your pre-registered telephone number with Globeboost.

Do I need to pay any registration fees, subscription fees or service charges? 

There are no registration fees, monthly subscription fees nor service charges when you sign up for our calling cards or Pin-less service.

How do I register for Prepaid Pin-less service?

Please visit our sign up page on this website click on one of the products to register or or email: support at for assistance.

How do I know if my registration is successful?
Once your registration for any of the services is approved, our system will inform you via the email provided during registration.

What is a Speed Dial Number? 
Speed Dial numbers allows you to make calls easily by dialing very few numbers instead of 13 digit international numbers. The system allows you map your preferred 2 or 3 digit numbers to the destination number.
Log into your account and go to the "Manage Speed Dial" section. Click on the Add Speed Dial Number link and complete the form. At Globeboost, you can have unlimited number of speed dial numbers unlike most provider. Dial the 2 or 3 digit speed dial number and press the # key on your phone and you will be automatically connected